Frostburg Memorials

Buyer Information

The process of planning your memorial as a loving tribute is an important decision. The creation of a memorial involves many intricate steps. Working with a professional designer, you can create a traditional marker or enter into the realm of unlimited creativity. 

A generation ago a grave was simply marked with the names and dates, but with modern technology today, a memorial can become a personalized history of a lifetime. 

You can have the options of standard sandblasting, computerized scenes and photos, statues, benches, shaped monuments, including hearts, baseballs, footballs, motorcycles to name a few. 

Granite is quarried deep within the ground and blasted into twenty ton blocks. The blocks are then cut into slabs with large diamond edged saws. The slabs are then polished to a lustrous finish on both sides. At this point the individual shapes and designs are cut from the slabs. The craftsman will hand chisel with a hammer the final detail of your memorial shape. The final step is to sandblast the lettering or etch into the surface of your personalized art work. 

What should a buyer look for when considering a memorial purchase? 


  • The reputation of the professional is the key.
  • Visit a cemetery and check out the work of the firm firsthand. This is also a great way to familiarize yourself with what is available and develop ideas from other monuments.
  • Remember the "Cheapest" price is not always the best deal. As with everything make sure you are comparing apples to apples.
  • Take your time to take advantage of all the possibilities when designing your memorial.
  • Alan and Lisa Sowers can assist you in this most important decision.