Frostburg Memorials


  • Colored Etchings / Black and White
  • Personalized Lawn Rocks
  • Monument Portraits
  • Monument Restoration
  • Sand Blasting Services
  • Free!!! Computerized Design Consultation
  • Pet Loss Services
  • Posters


Colored Etchings / Black and White

Our colored etchings allows you to add a colorful scene to your loved ones monument. Whether it be fishing, camping, hiking, etc colored etchings can add a more personal touch.

Personalized Lawn Rocks

Have an old rock lying around? You can bring it in and we can sandblast any design or name in to the rock.

Monument Portraits

Your pet or loved ones face can be remembered forever with our etched or porcelain monument portraits.


Monument Restoration

At Frostburg Memorials we can restore old monuments so they look like new.

Sand Blasting Services

We can sandblast medium and small metal parts and even decorative mirrors with your design of personalized etchings.

Free!!! Computerized Design Consultation

Our computer design consultation allows you to create your monument on the computer and add personalized etchings or designs.

Pet Loss Services

Pet markers, cremation urns and caskets.


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